The Under-Undergrounds Season 2 Episode 16 2021

The Under-Undergrounds Season 2 Episode 16

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This is the story of Hector, a boy who is kicked out of his band because they think he is not cool enough. On his way home, upset about the happening, he falls in a hole and ends up in an underground world, inhabited by many strange creatures. Although it is in this weird place that he is going to find everything he was looking for: true friends and a rock'n'roll band that doesn't care about stereotypes, only the passion for music. The Under-Undergrounds, together, will have lots of fun adventures trying to help Hector find his way back home. Tolerance, diversity, companionship and self-knowledge are values that our "Rock Star hero" will learn in order to be respected and loved by the "Undergrounders".
Genre: Comedy, Animation, Kids, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Released: 2021-08-02